If you are here it’s because you’d like to know better who we are.
We are a couple of colleagues but above all we are tied together by the bond of marriage.
We love family and relationships and that’s why we know love in all its shapes and we search for it in our photographs. We are young and we love everything that is innovative, but we are also romantic and with a note of melancholy, so everything that is timeless, that is poetry and art enthralls us. Ours is an approach to photography that is intimate, elegant and creative. We’d like you to understand what is that makes us different from anyone else, but we let our job and our biographies help you figure this out.

The originality of our work resides in this. We love knowing that through our own personal way of seeing things, through our way of communicate, we gift you with immortality.
To us, the meaning of life is to achieve memories.


Of extroverted temper but very sensitive, with a high tendency to search for beauty and emotion.

Sara Sganga, with professional qualifications at the Accademia Nazionale Del Cinema and specialized in Photography Direction, Camera Operator and Editor is the very young founder of the studio.

She worked as photography assistant on the sets of some movies, one of which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015.
She was master of photography at the ProWedding Campus in Naples, in april 2018, Judge of “ 100 fotografii de Nunta” ( in Romania).
IN December 2018, in the biggest worldwide community of professional wedding photographers MyWed, she resulted among the 10 finalists in the world, running for the title of “ photographer of the year”.
In 2019, She is among the judges in the same well-known international contest, headquartered in Russia. In 2020 she is a judge in the famous global wedding photography contest Wedding Sutra, headquartered in India. Currently she works in Italy and all around the world, among weddings and training courses, constantly searching for an impactful, emotional and creative snapshot , due to her sensitivity and her deep connection that shares with events, without ever forgetting the elegance of the pictures and always looking for the great beauty.

Light is her signature.


He stands out for his great accuracy and his compositional ability : he always has a solution

Roberto starts this job several years ago, out of the love that was bonding him to his girlfriend (currently his wife) and after attending training courses and studying cinematographic language, he understands immediately that He couldn’t be anything but a photographer specialized in weddings. Through his great sensitivity, he loves to capture humanity into people, an hug by a beloved person, a tear, a gaze, unique moments that otherwise could fly away too soon. He’s a person in love that looks for love itself in his photographs, but he is also a precise and methodical person, and he commits himself to find the perfect composition. He has recorded many photographic awards on international and national platforms and he is at his wife Sara side through and through, sharing with her the passion for cinema, photography, travels, motorcycles and kitchen.

He’s the co-founder of Sara Sganga Studio.

100 Fotografi de Nunta (Romania 2018)

My Wed Award 2019 (Russia)

Fotografia Cameramanii 2019 (Romania)

Wedding Sutra 2020 (India)

One to One

We’ve decided to offer a chance to you , photography enthusiast or professional photographer, ready to make the leap in quality with his pictures. A personal workshop where it will be possible to examine in depth the art of photography with a personalized schedule, with a clearly shorter duration than common cumulative masterclasses because with a well-studied program tailor-made for you, every topic that you won’t be interested in will be skipped, reinforcing all of the topics that you consider your gaps and with the purpose of solving your problems.
We will also realize some portfolio lectures and we will answer to all of your questions, without secrets and with maximum transparency