I was just sixteen when I fell madly in love with photography.

At the age of eighteen I bought my first reflex which allowed me to start photographing the world: first the flowers, the colours, the alleys of the villages.

Then, photographing the people dear to me, I realized that I could steal time: it was like keeping a piece of them forever with me.

Photography has been one of the greatest therapies for my soul, it is the medium that allows me to express myself, to love, to be remembered and to remember.

A bilateral exchange where I take a little of my subject and give him a little of my heart.

Anyone who has passed through my life, even briefly, has a photograph taken by me.

[…] I hadn't finished high school yet and I went to a photographic studio that I admired to ask to be able to learn and to be able to get some advice on a good photography school, submitting my small portfolio made up of colors, friends who lent themselves as models , nature.

“There is no school, I made myself. And you, my dear, with photography you will never eat us!”

Boom. Thunder.

Those words were a stab in the chest, a gash in the heart of an eighteen-year-old girl full of dreams who just wanted to learn. Yet those imperfect photographs, looked at with the eyes of now, had incredible potential.

After some time spent crying, I decided that those words would not demoralize me.

After high school, I made a decision: I had to protect my dream at all costs and so, insisting, persevering, suffering, I tried to go ahead, alone, in what was the search for my identity and for who, already clearly twenty, I was meant to be.

I fell madly in love with wedding photography at the age of twenty-one.

The beauty, the elegance, the grace, the scenarios, the people, the families, the affection, the hugs, two people who love each other who finally make their dream come true, the party with loved ones, the excited parents, the happy grandparents: for me this was and still is the magic.

I started working on small projects that allowed me to monetize: collaborations, shootings, small commercials.

It was time to open my first VAT number:

"Photographic Studio of Sganga Sara".

My little dream.

The responsibilities of an accountant began, deadlines, taxes, revenue stamps, invoices. What a struggle to keep up with all the boring things in the world of adults, especially if you're little!

I enrolled in various wedding photography workshops, with international and super renowned masters, where I met many beautiful people, very good professionals who made me believe in the friendship between colleagues, who were not jealous of their work but loved to share it.

Meanwhile, after having advertised my work on social media every day, my first wedding contracts arrive. It was 2014. I was 22 years old.

There was truly someone who had seen in a young girl the talent, seriousness and sensitivity to be able to tell their most beautiful day.

A wonderful relationship was immediately established with some couples where, years later, I continue to photograph their family and the baptisms of their children.

At the age of twenty-three the first satisfactions began to arrive and it didn't seem real!

Awards and recognitions for my photographs on international wedding photography portals, requests for weddings all over the world such as the one in Mexico, Tunisia, Switzerland, Germany, etc. with a clientele of all ethnic groups.

I began to live and learn the art of cinema in the field, and breathing the film set live and firsthand, I fell in love with it and decided to enroll at the National Academy of Cinema in Bologna (supported by my parents in the two-year study course ), starting to apply my knowledge in the cinematographic field to wedding photography.

Very small, at twenty-six years old, my first great recognition: from the international portal MyWed my work is among the ten best photographers in the world in the running for the title of photographer of the year 2018.

The following year, I have the great honor to be called as a judge of the same international competition based in Russia…

You can find the rest in the “about us” section and in the other blog posts.

I have been doing this job for more than eight years and although it is sometimes really hard, for me it is the most beautiful job in the world, the one I chose as a child, against everyone. I have always continued to work with my head bowed, truly giving up including my youth to devote myself to what makes me feel in the right place.

Then, calmly, we dry our tears and continue walking, without haste but without stopping.

Better to try with all your soul than regret not trying, no matter what the outcome will be.

Always have the desire to constantly improve yourself and the humility to recognize your limits and to find within yourself the determination and courage to To this day, I continue to invest in myself, I continue to study, to lose sleep, to confront myself, to questioning, going in and out of crises typical of photographers, getting angry, rejoicing, failing and winning, but I am the boss of my company and my life.

My clients are truly wonderful, many choose the date of the wedding or event based on my availability, and for them I am the most beautiful gift, for empathy, sharing and for the photographic result where their emotions when I deliver work is my greatest prize, a priceless satisfaction to get excited together and hug each other tight.

I have also become a speaker and I hold workshops and training and photography courses in my beautiful studio and throughout Italy for fellow professionals who want to broaden their photographic vision.

For this, I must especially thank that little girl who at eighteen felt humiliated by more than someone she believed in, without a minimum of encouragement or moral support, without ever a "bravo" or a pat on the back from who should have. How I wish I could hug you, little Sara! Because despite everything you believed in you and if we're here today it's thanks to your courage, and whenever I need it I'll always think of you gritting my teeth and moving forward.

Dear friends…

Never let anyone tell you you can't do something.

These are famous words, and make them yours, because no one can afford to trample on yours

challenge them.

We consider each finish line not as an arrival, but as a new starting point to start walking along the path again. It doesn't matter if you are nobody's pride, be your own pride.

I would like everyone to understand that nobody gives us anything in life, rather, people try to take us away for no one knows what petty reason, and that there are few who are really happy with our successes.

Even if the world does everything to make us bad, never stop being good people.

Work, study, insist on your dreams always.

The most beautiful satisfactions will come sooner or later, because the best things are achieved only with the utmost passion and dedication.

Trust me… But above all, absolutely trust yourself.

I've thought a lot about sharing this story.

We are all people with a story, and I would like that among the work posts, awards, wonderful places, happy customer reviews, wedding stories and my photographs you can also see and get to know a more intimate, fragile and Human.

Thanks to those who have come to read up to here.

With affection and love.

Will be