Like a long red thread made of soft silk that links together emotions and memories, that’s how I imagine photography.
It’s the storytelling of life, keeper of feelings and soul-explorer. My Camera is always travelling, always looking for Stories to tell, always looking for the truth and the most intimate emotions. It captures unspoken words and talking gazes, it keeps feelings and takes care of the memories. Yes, because every time you will leaf through your wedding album, you will feel that sweet sense of intense melancholy blended with an irrepressible joy reaching your heart. And there ready to amaze you. Always. Camera in my hand, attentive eye and open heart, I will tell the essence of your Love story, the magic of your couple relationship. My promise? Every time you will browse through your memory book, you will live again your life dream with the exact same intensity, even after a long time. And I’m sure about this because in my photography the heart is everywhere: behind and in front of the lens, in the pictures and in the memories that will be.

Love notes


Close your eyes, let the dreams begin to travel and now tell me: how do you wish the most beautiful day of your coupledom to be?
For sure choosing the perfect photographer is vital for capturing and keeping forever the most intense and intimate moments, the purest and most genuine emotions. To create a memory book that every time will live again of new sweet feelings.

I’m here for you! To tell your Love story with a female gaze: accurate and inquiring, that suggests the most intimate streets and leads the most silent truth out.
Besides, that’s how the love that bonds together two lovers is: intense and intimate, sometimes unable to speak but always silver-tongued. Definitely romantic, real and a little bit dreamy too. Since it’s exactly the dreams that mellow life paths.
You just close your eyes, live your most beautiful day and let me take care of the rest.
Do you think I might be the right photographer for your wedding?